We can’t throw a big party or host an open house to connect with you all right now. Instead, welcome to our monthly Find Balance event, a new event to help us learn how we can best help you with wellness.

Bio-energetic scan with Ladybug Balanced Health

Our first Find Balance event will be Oct 3. On that day, Fawn and Suni will each provide free services to 5 winners. 10 winners total!!

Fawn Silket, LadyBug Balanced Health will offer 5 clients free emotional scan– a bio-energetic technique that measures your energy meridians to find imbalances in your emotions.

5 more winners will enjoy a sound and energy therapy session with Suni Moon. Suni is a master energy healer using sound to help heal and balance your body, mind and spirit. You’ll experience energy healing and the power of tuning forks along with a mini sample of a personal sound bath.

To enter, just answer our question of the month about an area of life that you need help finding balance. Free services will only be available on Oct. 3
If you can’t be available that day you can’t win but you can enter anyway and will receive our new monthly wellness newsletter.

Enter here!  Entries close 5pm Friday, Sept 25.

Tell us about your challenges in finding balance. You might struggle with work/home balance, you might be learning how to help your kids with remote learning, you might just be having trouble finding "me" time. Let us know where your challenges lie.

Are you available Oct 3?
I am available on Oct 3I can't make it Oct 3

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