Suni shares, “We all made it thru 2020. We made a lot of changes, faced a lot of loss, stress and fear. Now, there’s a new year ahead. Make time for you to release some of the accumulated garbage from last year and shift into thrive mode! I offer a variety of alternative therapies that work beautifully together to get you a fresh start.”

Services include:

Suni offers regular meditation times for you to explore practical ways to chill out. Join her online on our 405 Wellness Facebook page or check out her Youtube library of meditations.  

Suni has been a master energy healer in reiki (RMT) for many years and has studied many other energy healing modalities including Reconnective healing, HoOponopono, Quantum Entrainment and more. She is a licensed massage therapist (LMT). She is certified as a HeartMath intervention practitioner. She has studied meditation and sound therapy for decades with teachers all over the world. She continues to study today. Her goal with all healing therapies is to find how the different modalities complement each other, using a variety of techniques as often our physical. emotional and energetic challenges are connected. 

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