The HeartMath system empowers people to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors to reduce stress, increase resilience, and unlock their natural intuitive guidance for making more effective choices. This enables people to break through to greater levels of personal balance, creativity, insight and health.
During a HeartMath session, you are connected to a computer or phone app thru an earlobe sensor. We talk a bit about how stress affects you. I generally teach you one or two HeartMath calming practices.  You practice the calming exercises for a few minutes. Then we review the computer readout.





The graph shows Heart Rate Variability. The rhythm of your heart changes beat to beat. Smooth changes in heart rate denote calm, coherent breathing, thinking, emotions.  This variability is an indicator of health, resilience and how you manage stress.  In the graph above, the left side is recorded during session questions, the right half is recorded practicing calming practice.

In the coherent state,  these smooth changes in our heart rate facilitates clear thinking, stable emotions, and balance in our heart/ brain communications which affects our entire body.  This means that learning to generate increased heart rhythm coherence, by sustaining positive emotions, not only benefits the entire body, but also profoundly affects how we perceive, think, feel, and perform.

The software is available to purchase if you’d want but the goal to me is to get you to see how calming practices, breathing and directing your emotions benefits your body physiology. Once you can see the results, all you have to do is keep practicing the calming skills.

Book a session and learn about this experience for yourself. I’ll send you home with a handout to help you remember the calming practices we did plus a password for access to my portal site where clients have access to more info.

Individual session– $65 for 1 hr, $35 for 1/2 hr